Manfred Jeitler

Priv.-Doz. Dr.rer.nat. Mag.rer.nat. Mag.phil. Manfred Jeitler

Institute of High Energy Physics
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Nikolsdorfergasse 18, 1050 Wien

Tel.: +41 76 487 0862



CMS detector and the global trigger electronics

The Institute of High Energy Physics of the Austrian Academy of Sciences has been making substantial contributions to the CMS experiment at CERN in several important fields, which concern both the development, installation, commissioning and operation of the apparatus itself and the analysis of detector data.

From the hardware point of view, Jeitler’s group has been mostly involved with the global trigger, the global muon trigger and the drift tube track finder. These parts of the detector electronics are now being used in routine data-taking at the experiment. The data taking with increasing rate allows to find out limitations of the system and to thus improve it to satisfy all requirements also at design luminosity.

Data analysis work in the group is carried out along two main lines: on the one hand, it concerns performance studies of the experimental setup and in particular of the trigger system; on the other hand, there are topical physics-oriented analyses related to supersymmetry searches and quarkonia.