Claudia-Elisabeth Wulz

Univ.-Doz. Dr. techn. Dipl.-Ing. Claudia-Elisabeth Wulz

Institute of High Energy Physics of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
Nikolsdorfergasse 18, 1050 Wien

Tel.: +41 76 487 0919



CMS limits on W’, Z’ and other resonances [CMS-PAS-EXO-12-059 (2012)].

Apart from being a member of the CMS management, Wulz has two main interests: triggering and beyond the Standard Model physics.

She was a key driver in designing the current CMS first-level trigger. She proposed a novel strategy, using flexible, analysis-like trigger algorithms instead of simple counting techniques. Her group designed, built and operates a large fraction of the CMS trigger system. She also proposed the so-called Trigger Supervisor, an on-line software system that centrally controls the entire first-level trigger, which was implemented by one of her collaborators. She and her group are now working on an upgraded trigger system, in order to fully exploit the physics potential of the CMS detector during the coming high-luminosity phases of the LHC. Her collaborators occupy a number of leadership posts in the CMS trigger, such as the position of trigger technical coordinator.

On the physics side Wulz has performed the first studies of new vector bosons for CMS and has worked on methods to find  supersymmetric partners of third-generation quarks. She has been guiding searches for massive resonances, in particular for W’ and Z’ as well as gravitons. The development of trigger strategies for similar searches to be performed after the current maintenance and improvement period of the LHC is also amongst her activities. As a member of the Publications Committee Wulz is now responsible for papers in the area of exotica physics.

Within the DK, in the area of triggering, there are close connections to R. Frühwirth (development of trigger algorithms) and M. Jeitler (trigger hardware and software). Concerning data analysis in the field of supersymmetry, connections to A. Hoang (QCD, top physics) and J. Schieck (dark matter) will be established.