Basic lectures

The basic pre-graduate lecture program represents the entry into studies of elementary particle physics and addresses students at the bachelor and master level. These lectures are offered both at the University of Vienna and the Vienna Technical University every year and also imply that you successfully attend lectures in quantum mechanics and electrodynamics.

Basic lectures at University of Vienna

Basic lectures at TU Wien

Advanced lectures

The advanced lecture program consists of advances lectures on topics that introduce you into the problems current particle physics research is interested in. If you want to get involved in particle physics research particularly within the DK-PI you should participate all of them regardless whether you want to specialise in experimental or theoretical particle physics. If you come from another university these lectures might help you filling gaps you would need to close to attend the specialised lectures. The advanced lecture program is readjusted every second year.

Specialised Directions

The special lectures are aimed at the graduate level and can become quite focused on specific directions in experimental and theoretical particle physics carried out within the DK-PI. Some of them might constitute a series of lecture and might reach high technical levels relevant for specific research work. You should participate if you are interested, but you certainly have to be selective and might want to talk to your adviser to find out which lectures are suitable for you. These lectures are offered on the basis of availability and demand.

Atomic Physics and Miscellaneous Topics:

Gravitation and String Theory:

Mathematical Topics:

  • Solitonen, Differentialgeometrie und Topologie

Detectors and Experimental Methods:

Field Theory and Phenomenology:

  • Field Theory and Phenomenology
  • Quantum Field Theory and Symmetries I (136.041, 2h) Anton Rebhan, WS 2017
  • Quantum Field Theory and Symmetries II (136.041, 2h) Anton Rebhan, SS 2018
  • Graduate seminar Particles & Interactions (136.064, 2h) Anton Rebhan, WS 2016
  • Endliche Gruppen und ihre Anwendungen in der Teilchenphysik
  • Introduction to quantum electrodynamics (135.045, 2h) Andreas Ipp, SS 2017
  • Quantenchromodynamik I (142.197, 2h) Manfried Faber, WS 2016
  • Quantenchromodynamik II
  • Thermal Field Theory
  • Pfadintegrale in der Quantenmechanik und Quantenfeldtheorie

Additional courses: