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Manfred Schweda Memorial Meeting

December 2


Manfred Schweda (7.11.1939 – 10.04.2017) was an exceptional researcher and teacher of theoretical physics at TU Wien. He transmitted his enthusiasm and love for the subject to his collaborators and numerous students. The meeting shall be a tribute of his friends and colleagues to commemorate his impact as researcher, teacher and human being.

The meeting will take place one day after the 13th Vienna Central European Seminar.


  • Anton Rebhan email: rebhana at tuwien dot ac dot at at  (TU Wien)
  • Daniel Grumiller email: grumill at hep dot itp dot tuwien dot ac dot at  (TU Wien)
  • Karl Landsteiner email: karl.landsteiner at uam dot es  (IFT Madrid)

Participants: (from outside TUW)

Daniel Blaschke (Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA)
Alexander Boresch (AWST, Austria)
Andreas Brandhuber (Queen Mary College London, UK)
François Gieres (Université de Lyon, France)
Harald Grosse (Universität Wien, Austria)
Stefan Hohenegger (Université de Lyon, France)
Johanna Knapp (Universität Wien, Austria)
Otmar Moritsch (Technisches Museum Wien, Austria)
Olivier Piguet (Universidad Federal de Viçosa, Brazil)
Michael Wohlgenannt (Universität Wien, Austria)
Raimar Wulkenhaar (Universtät Münster, Germany)

to be confirmed:
Andreas Bichl (Amundi Austria GmbH, Austria)
Silvio Sorella (Rio de Janeiro State University, Brazil)
Karl Strobl (Ariadne Capital, Malta)

(no formal registration necessary, but please notify the organizers, if you intend to participate)

Preliminary Programme

Opening addresses
9:00h PIGUET 43 Years of Friendship and Collaboration
9:30h BLASCHKE Non-commutative geometry and its applications in physics
10:00h BRANDHUBER Title t.b.a.
11:00h GROSSE Interactions with Manfred on “Noncommutative QFT models”
11:30h WULKENHAAR Title t.b.a.
12:00h GIERES Wandering in the fields with Manfred


December 2


TUtheSky, Getreidemarkt 9, Vienna, Austria
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